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Oxymetholone Iran 50 Tablets

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  • Raw Material: Oxymetholone
  • Manufacturer: Iran Hormones
  • Package: 50 tabs. 50 mg
 Iran has the let to be produced by Iran. It's productor is Iran Hormone Company. It's the other the most sold Oxymetholone by the world with Turkish Anapolon. It is so preferred by bodybuilders, arm wrestlers and powerlifters especially due to it's addition in gaining power in it's second day after the first using day. Sportmen can lift nearly double weight in short times after using it. We never advice more than 1 tablet or 50 mg for daily during 6 weeks. It has to be drunk so much water during it's using.Red bloods cells let the muscles to absorb more oxygen, with Oxymetholone  increases the number of red bloods cells. As an alternative for D-bol many bodybuilders and strength athletes use this drug. As D-bol, Oxy offers the same results, some times bigger, but with fewer side effects. Generally, in 2 weeks athletes report gains 10 pounds, these pounds are not uncommon for this steroid. While it is very effective for increasing appetite, gaining weight and strength, as well it is increasing red blood cells count.Oxymetholone is not a steroid for a competition, but during dieting it also helps to save the muscle mass and to allow an intense training. Fort his reason the bodybuilders use it about one week before the competition for the water retention by taking anti estrogens and diuretics so that they will appear massive and hard.Oxymetholone should be used  0.5 – 0.8 mg per body weight. Also those who take this steroid for the first time should be use 50 mg per day and only after a week the dosage can be increased to 100 mg per day.After Oxymetholone, in a short period of time occurs drastic reduction and the user looks like before taking this steroid, that’s why it is need to continue the cycle with injectable steroids like  nandrolone, boldenone and testosterone for several weeks.

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