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Raw Material paracetamol
Manufacturer Sandoz
Package 250mg x 5ml 150ml
Product Price per item Total Piece
$19.00 $19.00
$14.00 $70.00 $95.00
$13.00 $130.00 $190.00
$12.00 $240.00 $380.00
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Detailed Overview
Analgesic, antipyretic.Adults 325mg every 4-6 hours- 1000mg every 6 hours. Maximum dose 4 g daily.Child 15mg / kg every 4-6 hours. (10mg / kg at risk of dehydration)Pregnancy category B. It passes into breast milk.Contraindications; paracetamol allergy, severe kidney and liver disease.Interaction; anticonvulsants, chloramphenicol, desipramine, doxorubicin, anticoagulants, alcohol.Side effects; urticaria, rash, methemoglobinemia, dyspepsia ...