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Information about order issues.

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Information about shipping and delivery issues.

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Top Articles

  • Will you update me when my order is confirmed?

    We will send you a confirmation e-mail when you place and submit your order. Please follow the instructions in order confirmation e-mail before making your payment.

    If you don't get a confirmation e-mail, please check your Spam folder because it might have landed there.

  • What is the status of my order?

    You can view the status of your order by clicking the View button after opening your order. This section contains all relevant details including the order details, address information and the current status of your order (including Awaiting Payment, Payment in Progress, Money Collected and Shipped).

  • What should i do if my product is out of stock after i have paid for my order?

    We try to keep our stock list up-to-date. But a product may fall out of stock after you have paid for it. In such a case, we inform you immediately and offer an optimum solution.

  • My items were damaged

    We sincerely apologize for this inconvenience. Unfortunately, packages might occasionally get damaged during transport. Please submit us a ticket. We will ask for photos of the packaging showing the details like TN and shipping address. Please make sure that this photo shows ALL of the received items. We will also need a closer photo showing the damage. We will review the issue and take necessary steps to fix it asap.

  • For which countries do you have a reship guarantee?

    We have a reship guarantee for almost all countries except for countries that has high risk: Australia, New Zealand, Canada, all South America,  Scandinavian Countries , Germany and Switzerland (EU Domestic shipments included), Israel, China, Taiwan, S. Korea, Japan, Hong Kong, Singapore, India, Thailand, Philippines, Malaysia, Saudi Arabia, Iran, Iraq.