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Welcome to the XT Labs and RB family, Lee Priest!

Welcome to the XT Labs and RB family, Lee Priest!

We, Roidbazaar and our partner XT Labs, are proud to present our new and special member of our family, the one and only Lee Priest. 
Lee Priest is a name that is unmistakable and well known to anyone who follows the world of professional bodybuilding, especially the kings of the golden era of bodybuilding during the 90s, the inception of the generation of mass monsters, when ginats walked on the Olympia stage striving for the Sandow, the monument of the bodybuilding excellence. 

Lee Priest was and still is one of those greats, with a long history of winnings, trophies, rich experience, and most certainly  a wealth of knowledge. 

Lee is an invaluable asset to any company and business. His knowledge is priceless, and his name speaks for itself. 

His support and contributions to our business is a great incentive and a testimony for our high standard business ethics and the quality of the products that we offer, something which we pride ourselves with and regard very highly.